Tips for Best Quality Time With Your Child

Is it when the child already has time to play with Daddy? Wow, little guy would really love. Did you know? According to the online article that I was read, it turns out the good relationship between father and children can help the Small in the face of psychological problems or depression in the future. That is why, I often remind my husband to spend quality time with the baby. However, undeniably busy everyday like work, making the Small difficult to get the moment with Dad. Well, Don’t worry because it turns out there are many really fun activities that can be adjusted with Father’s swing time!

  • Play Time For 30 Minutes

Do you have a very busy work schedule? If so, the jogging activity is perfect for doing with the Little and Dad, Mom. Let’s start to invite the Little to run for 30 minutes in the morning around the home area. In addition to healthy, this activity can be used as a quality time with the Little.

If Dad or Little is difficult to get up early, jogging activities can be replaced by cook together. The cooking menu also does not need that difficult, like eggs or sardines is enough, Mom. Read more click:


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The Right Ways to Educate Active Child

Little Person likes to run to and fro, as if his energy is never exhausted. Indeed, it’s sometimes my mom’s so difficult to keep it. I often feel the same way, Mom. However, interestingly in online research I read a few days ago, Colombia University Lab explains that active motion performed for three months in a row, can improve memory and brain development of children up to 30%, ma’am. In addition, the active body can also build new brain cells that play an important role for the Little memory. Read More Click :


5 Ways to Keep Your Child Close to Grandparents

How do I approach children with family, especially to Grandpa and Grandma? Both are arguably the closest people to Mom and Dad. Of course, it is very important that Little is close to them. This has also been a concern of mine, Mom, especially Grandpa and Grandma Little do not live with us as a family. Whereas according to a friend who works as a psychologist, strong relationships between families can support the development of emotional intelligence of the small, especially in interacting with his friends, you know. My friend also gave some tips to make our child get more closer to the Grandpa and Grandma. Here are tips that you can apply also at home.

1. Routine Communication Through Phone

Often busy work and dense day-to-day activities are the reasons for delaying visiting Grandpa’s grandparents. Well, to overcome it, Mother can take advantage of technology tools, Mom, for example communicate via video call or phone if the Small can not meet directly with his grandparents. This communication is good done regularly, Mom. For example, Little is taking enough time to chat with Grandpa-Grandma at least twice a week. It could also be the most effective way if Grandpa and Grandma live outside the town, Mom. Read more Click :


4 Ways that We have to do if the Breast Milk do not Come Out After Give Birth

Congratulations on the birth of the little one, hopefully he always grows healthy and smart yes, Mom. Are you worried about breastfeeding not coming out after giving birth? This is also what I experienced when my first child was born. Don’t be panic Mom, because there are some mother who breastfed her new one until three days after giving birth. I myself can only breastfeed smoothly four days postpartum, you know. However, what if the milk still does not come out even after a few weeks since the birth of the Little? This is a sign you have to start doing some ways to stimulate the milk to come out smoothly.
Here are four ways that my doctor once suggested, Mom.
1. Make Skin Contact between Mom and Baby
I so remember the first time when making skin-to-skin contact with Little is the most beautiful moment of life. I’m sure you feel the same way, do not you? From the results of consultation with the doctor, it turns out skin to skin is not only useful for closer bonding mother and baby, but also can stimulate breast milk production hormone, you know. That is why, Mother needs to do more skin touch and occasionally bring the areola or breast nipple to the mouth of the Small, Mom.
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4 Tips to Make Child Comfortable With Babysitter

Mother has plans to hire a nanny to help care for the Little? From my experience, this has raised its own concerns. Because, at first acquainted with a new nanny, the Small refused to interact with the nanny, Mom. The length of the adaptation process of the child to the caregiver is different in each child. Some take a short time to get to know new people, some also take a week to reach a month more. Actually this can be understood, especially if the child aged one year and over, so it can show discomfort and rejection of people who have not known. If Mother faces the same problem, do not worry Mom. Let’s look at the following ways!

1. Inform the Caregiver of a Long Day

Before the caregiver introduces herself directly, it’s a good idea if Mom informs this to the Little since long. Mom can tell you that there will be new friends coming home. Mention the name, characteristics, and role of the caregiver who will help Mother take care of the Little every day. I tried to do this way a few months ago to the baby. Sure enough, Little is not surprised by the presence of new caregivers you know, ma’am. Apparently this way can give her time to prepare herself with the presence of a new nanny. For More Please Click this link :


5 ways to make Your children Want to Eat Meat


All of you Mom, may have faced a phase in which the child begins to picky foods. I’ve also experienced it, Mom. When entering the age of two years, the Kids began to refuse to eat meat. Actually this is understandable Mom, given the texture of meat is generally dry and tough. Usually at the age of 1-3 years, Kids Teeth have grown, even up to 20 teeth, but some children may be still difficult to chew meat. Even so, I need to understand that meat has many benefits to grow the Kids one. Well, in order to continue to meet the nutritional needs, I use five ways to overcome the following meat-eating difficulty, Mom.

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Tips to Keep Children Healthy and Not Susceptible to Illness

When the Kids sick usually parents become panicky and sad because he saw his son limp weak helpless. Children are more sick than adults. That’s because the immune system has not been completely formed. 
Some factors that cause children can be exposed to diseases such as weather, pollution and environmental pollution. In addition, viruses and bacteria easily spread when children use public facilities. The reason is that the knowledge of society is still minimal to maintain public facilities. However, parents can make efforts to prevent small prevention.
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