4 Tips to Make Child Comfortable With Babysitter

Mother has plans to hire a nanny to help care for the Little? From my experience, this has raised its own concerns. Because, at first acquainted with a new nanny, the Small refused to interact with the nanny, Mom. The length of the adaptation process of the child to the caregiver is different in each child. Some take a short time to get to know new people, some also take a week to reach a month more. Actually this can be understood, especially if the child aged one year and over, so it can show discomfort and rejection of people who have not known. If Mother faces the same problem, do not worry Mom. Let’s look at the following ways!

1. Inform the Caregiver of a Long Day

Before the caregiver introduces herself directly, it’s a good idea if Mom informs this to the Little since long. Mom can tell you that there will be new friends coming home. Mention the name, characteristics, and role of the caregiver who will help Mother take care of the Little every day. I tried to do this way a few months ago to the baby. Sure enough, Little is not surprised by the presence of new caregivers you know, ma’am. Apparently this way can give her time to prepare herself with the presence of a new nanny. For More Please Click this link : https://bit.ly/2wTJqbH


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