4 Ways that We have to do if the Breast Milk do not Come Out After Give Birth

Congratulations on the birth of the little one, hopefully he always grows healthy and smart yes, Mom. Are you worried about breastfeeding not coming out after giving birth? This is also what I experienced when my first child was born. Don’t be panic Mom, because there are some mother who breastfed her new one until three days after giving birth. I myself can only breastfeed smoothly four days postpartum, you know. However, what if the milk still does not come out even after a few weeks since the birth of the Little? This is a sign you have to start doing some ways to stimulate the milk to come out smoothly.
Here are four ways that my doctor once suggested, Mom.
1. Make Skin Contact between Mom and Baby
I so remember the first time when making skin-to-skin contact with Little is the most beautiful moment of life. I’m sure you feel the same way, do not you? From the results of consultation with the doctor, it turns out skin to skin is not only useful for closer bonding mother and baby, but also can stimulate breast milk production hormone, you know. That is why, Mother needs to do more skin touch and occasionally bring the areola or breast nipple to the mouth of the Small, Mom.
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