5 Ways to Keep Your Child Close to Grandparents

How do I approach children with family, especially to Grandpa and Grandma? Both are arguably the closest people to Mom and Dad. Of course, it is very important that Little is close to them. This has also been a concern of mine, Mom, especially Grandpa and Grandma Little do not live with us as a family. Whereas according to a friend who works as a psychologist, strong relationships between families can support the development of emotional intelligence of the small, especially in interacting with his friends, you know. My friend also gave some tips to make our child get more closer to the Grandpa and Grandma. Here are tips that you can apply also at home.

1. Routine Communication Through Phone

Often busy work and dense day-to-day activities are the reasons for delaying visiting Grandpa’s grandparents. Well, to overcome it, Mother can take advantage of technology tools, Mom, for example communicate via video call or phone if the Small can not meet directly with his grandparents. This communication is good done regularly, Mom. For example, Little is taking enough time to chat with Grandpa-Grandma at least twice a week. It could also be the most effective way if Grandpa and Grandma live outside the town, Mom. Read more Click : https://bit.ly/2AN3ZcQ


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