Tips for Best Quality Time With Your Child

Is it when the child already has time to play with Daddy? Wow, little guy would really love. Did you know? According to the online article that I was read, it turns out the good relationship between father and children can help the Small in the face of psychological problems or depression in the future. That is why, I often remind my husband to spend quality time with the baby. However, undeniably busy everyday like work, making the Small difficult to get the moment with Dad. Well, Don’t worry because it turns out there are many really fun activities that can be adjusted with Father’s swing time!

  • Play Time For 30 Minutes

Do you have a very busy work schedule? If so, the jogging activity is perfect for doing with the Little and Dad, Mom. Let’s start to invite the Little to run for 30 minutes in the morning around the home area. In addition to healthy, this activity can be used as a quality time with the Little.

If Dad or Little is difficult to get up early, jogging activities can be replaced by cook together. The cooking menu also does not need that difficult, like eggs or sardines is enough, Mom. Read more click:


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